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The big question facing all business owners now is how to limit liability in the workplace, CCTV Systems function as an ever present always watching extra set of eyes, enabling you to be in several places at once.
With advancing technology and the internet, you do not even have to be on the same continent to look in on your business or your home.
Please don't fall victim to the low cost special of the week sold by the Truck Slammers and the Big Box Stores, they sell equipment by manufacturers who sacrifice on the most important component the processor. This will make the most difference when you need the best quality images.
So please do not let the Police come to you and say, "I'm sorry, but the images from your system cannot be used" over a few hundred dollars.
Let us design a Surveillance System for you. Whether it is a single camera at a lone site or dozens of cameras at multiple sites, a leading edge IP system or a cost effective conventional system and anything in between. The choices are many and varied. Let Alliance Fire and Safety help you decide what is best for you. .
Whether you run a restaurant, a retail shop, day care center or small office, you deal with every aspect of the business every day to be profitable.You dont need to be thinkinking about how to guard it. It is essential to protect
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your livelihood, employees and customers with a high-performance security system.Bosch solves your security challenge with the IP Camera 200 Series, a family of stand-alone IP camera systems. Four available models provide you the option of a fixed or varifocal lens in a compact camera or discreet dome. These professional surveillance systems require no special training, so you don’t have to worry about business downtime.
Everything you need in a single package, including camera housing or mount, power supply and a Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card. Our surveillance software lets you review images from multiple cameras on your PC monitor and easily save and export video clips.If your security needs change, the IP 200 Series can also be easily extended byconnecting a video recorder, such as the Bosch Divar 700 Series,
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