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NFPA 72 Code Changes for 2010
People's lives and property depend on the Fire Alarm System to be properly designed and installed. Then to be tested and maintained in correct working order thereafter.
We we pride ourselves for taking the system from concept all the way to the finished product and beyond to assure that if needed it will function as designed.
In the most extensive Code revision since 1993, the 2010 NFPA 72's scope and organization have expanded beyond the core focus on fire alarm systems to also include requirements for mass notification systems used for weather emergencies; terrorist events; biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies; and other threats.
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From the newest offering in the Vigilant line, New TCP/IP-enabled microprocessors and chipsets take full advantage of the latest advances in computing technology, leading to smarter, faster, higher-capacity processing and more efficient designs.In fact, VM Series can handle jobs that range from a single stand-alone control panel
to a sophisticated network comprising as many as 8 control panels processing data from up to 4,000 devices. High quality voice evacuation also delivers system design flexibility with scalable implementation.
Our knowledge of the code, our professional relationship with the authorities having jurisdiction and their requirements and ordinances, have given us the ability to meet or exceed the high standards set forth by all governing and regulatory agencies. Let us evaluate your current fire alarm system and make recommendations based on the latest, most dependable products on the market.
Cellular IP Communications by BOSCH
The ITS-DX4020-G supports secure, supervised IP communication. The ITS-DX4020-G can be integrated with a Bosch panel to establish a cellular IP connection to a Central Station. The ITS-DX4020-G’s flexible polling makes it capable as a supervised primary path for customers
transitioning away from conventional phone service or as
a wireless backup path.
We have your alternative to teaditional phone line monitoring....Give Us a Call and let us tell you how.
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posted 6/2011
UL 864 Wireless Fire Systems
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