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posted 6/2011
Alliance Fire & Safety is your one-stop fixed fire protection provider servicing Southwest Florida. We offer a comprehensive fire protection inspection and maintenance program that allows you to be compliant with regulatory and safety guidelines for all portable and fixed fire systems. We can provide onsite training for fire extinguisher use for all your employees or family members. Per your needs, we can place you on an automatic inspection calendar, allowing Alliance Fire & Safety to do the remembering for you.

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Emergency & Exit Lighting
Are the exits in your building clearly marked? Exit signs are a very important piece of safety equipment for buildings to have. Exit signs can make the difference between a person finding their way out in an emergency or being tramped inside the building.

In conjunction with exit signs, emergency lighting can help light the pathway to an exit. We offer exit signs that combine exit signs and emergency lighting into one fixture.

Amerex has developed an affordable pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression system to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data. As an industry leader in innovative design of products that provide the quality and performance you expect, Amerex has developed the CPS system to be the most cost efficient clean agent system available.
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Potential Applications:
Data Processing
Server Rooms
Electronic Data Storage
UPS Rooms
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