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Property Management

We serve property managers in handling the complex and intricate requirements that come with life safety systems, providing peace of mind in the most crucial part of their responsibilities. Alliance Fire & Safety simplifies property management by covering every aspect of life safety. We recognize that property managers are responsible for so many things, and partnering with us means they can rest assured that everything is being taken care of.
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We serve countless healthcare facilities that have enough to be concerned with without adding fire and life safety to the list. These facilities require early detection and strategic evacuation plans in case of a fire. Fire extinguishers, emergency and exit lighting are all a part of that plan. However, for some patients, evacuation is not a viable option. Alliance Fire & Safety provides 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year, to ensure your facility is being protected from dangers that may arise.
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Industrial & Warehouse

A manufacturing or industrial facility has to meet stringent regulations and guidelines, and this includes the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection and life safety equipment. These facilities can also be very complex and carry substantial risks. Alliance Fire and Safety can help take the worry out of this critical responsibility. We understand the unique challenges of industrial and manufacturing operations, and we have the resources to offer superior dependable service and unmatched support while you engage with our quality people.
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Commercial & Retail

There are unique challenges that are faced when running a commercial property, and we will be with you every step of the way. Our dedicated, highly-trained team specialists are always up to date on the stringent regulations surrounding fire and safety equipment so you have the peace of mind that everything is compliant and thoroughly covered. When an Alliance Fire & Safety technician comes to your property, rest assured that they are factory trained for the products we install and maintain.
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Commercial and Retail

New Construction

When it comes to fire protection and life safety in commercial construction projects, speed, efficiency, and cost mean just as much as professional design and quality work combined with solid communication. From design and engineering to fabrication and installation, Alliance Fire & Safety has nearly three decades (we have over 500 years of combined experience) of providing dependable service and expertise. We thoroughly understand the risks and liabilities that pervade any construction site. With our proven processes, we can design and install a system that addresses any and all safety concerns, no matter how complicated or unique the construction project may be. We will diligently to make sure our installation is done on time or ahead of schedule.
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New Construction

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