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Emergency & Exit Lighting

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Owning a business means assuming a lot of responsibilities, including making your place of business as safe as possible.  This includes having Emergency and Exit Lighting that is installed properly and maintained in proper working order in case the building needs to be evacuated.  The main purpose of Emergency Lighting is to illuminate corridors, ramps, stairwells, aisles, escalators, and exits after normal lights fail.  Backup batteries allow exit signs, spotlights, and other types of emergency lighting to remain lit, even during fires, floods, and power failures.

If your Emergency and Exit Lighting fails to operate properly during an emergency, people inside are more likely to panic which can create further unsafe conditions.  Even people who are quite familiar with your building’s layout would be lost in the dark, especially in a stressful emergency.

At Alliance Fire & Safety, we offer peace of mind by installing, testing, and servicing emergency lighting in accordance with OSHA and life safety code requirements.  By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your building is safe and compliant.  We can also upgrade or expand your current Emergency and Exit Lighting with the latest quality LED and Lithium Ion replacement components.

The next time you need emergency exit lighting installed, tested, or repaired, trust Alliance Fire & Safety to deliver the quality and reliability you deserve.

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