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Underground Utility Fire Lines

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Crucial Safety for Your Building

Fire hydrants and fire sprinkler systems are some of the most important firefighting tools available to your home or business. Sprinklers guard your building 24/7 and once firefighters arrive on the scene, they hook up their hoses to the hydrant outside to help combat the blaze.  Of course, you can’t install hydrants or fire sprinklers without an underground fire main to feed water to these systems.

An underground utility fire main (or line) is a water pipe that leads from the municipal water supply to your building.  The only purpose of this water line is to provide water service fire protection systems/apparatuses.  Without a properly sized and approved fire main, sprinklers and fire hydrants cannot do their job correctly in the event of a fire, which could lead to catastrophic loss or system failure.  

Alliance Fire & Safety designs, installs and services underground fire lines as well as performs the required annual flow testing of private and municipal fire hydrants. If you have questions about your fire hydrants or underground fire main, contact Alliance Fire & Safety to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

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